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Dean’s Message

In the name of God most Gracious most Merciful

Word By Prof.Dr. The Faculty Dean

   My dear students at faculty of Engineering at Benha, it’s of my pleasure to welcome you at Faculty of Engineering at Benha (High Institute of Technology previously) and I hope that time which you spend at the faculty be useful for you and have positive aspects on your lives so you should have patience and work hard to achieve you goals and dreams.

  The Faculty has established in 1988 by a unique regulation and characteristics of specialized apply and technology among faculties of Engineering and that makes its alumni the best at labor market and their great efficiency inside and outside Egypt makes us proud of them and that reflects that they are highly qualified to compete at labor market and to share in progressing our country.

I recommend you to keep the ethical and scientific level of the Faculty and to keep in touch with your professors and colleges and to introduce your suggestions about quality of the academic performance throughout students Union, family groups and initiatives.