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  About Department:

Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology includes two basic divisions which are:

1-              Energy Engineering Division.

2-              Manufacturing Engineering Division.


Energy Engineering Division


     Energy Engineering Division characterized by its accurate study of fluids and heat transfer methods and it also studies in details power plants from mechanical prospective, refrigeration and air-conditioning and automatic control. This division includes the following accurate specialties:

  • Conventional Energy Specialty.
  • Non-Conventional Energy Specialty.
  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Specialty.

Manufacturing Engineering Division

sound study of design, output and stress analysis of mechanical parts. It also concerned with machines operating from two prospective as following;

First, study operation to reach production rate with high quality.

Second, design machines to reach its high performance.


Career Opportunities:


   The graduated engineer from the department is considered one of the basic pillars at the national industry in fields like design , developing and manufacturing and also he will find good opportunities at the following fields;

  1. Analysis and design of machines, equipment and material transfer system.
  2. Analysis and design components of Fluids power system.
  3.  Methods and systems of aerobic and hydraulic automatic control system.
  4. Methods and systems of production, manufacturing and digital control machines.
  5. Testing, measuring, checking and quality control.

Maintenance, crashes analysis and breakdowns diagnosis