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The High Institute of Technology was established in 1988 in order to meet the requirements of modern industry and engineering sectors in Egypt and Arabian countries for engineers whom have enough engineering information as well as technical information. In addition, it aims to educate and apply new subjects that have become essential for the modern society. According to this strategy, the teaching plan has been prepared by experts in engineering education in Egypt and United Kingdom according to the scientific cooperation program between the Ministry of High Education of the Arabic Republic of Egypt and British Committee.

The study period of the institute includes five years. The institute offers Bachelor degree in engineering science in three fields of specialization. These fields are: the Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology and Civil Engineering Technology.

The study year contains two semesters. Each semester include 15 study weeks with 40 study hours weekly in the average. The weekly studying hours has been increased in order to include new technical subjects without affecting the engineering subjects required to graduate qualified engineers. The study includes summer training periods inside the institute and in the industry and various engineering fields outside the institute for six weeks.

As a part of the study in the third year of the study, the students submit technical projects which have to be prepared in the laboratories and workshops. The credit hours system is applied for the study after three years. The students have to finish 86 credit hours in 23 subjects. Each subject is taught for fifteen weeks. At the end of the study, the students have to submit projects. The projects are discussed by committees of the staff members.

The Supreme Council of Universities of the Egyptian Ministry of High Education has accepted legalizing the B.Sc degree offered by the High Institute of Technology and proved that it is equivalent to the degree offered by faculties of engineering of Egyptian Universities. In addition, the International Association of Universities followed by Unesco has accepted the membership of the High Institute of Technology.